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I absolutely understand how you feel.

I was 14 years old when my parents decided that there must be more than the medical world were offering to help with the pain of Juvenile Chronic Arthritis that I was diagnosed with at 18 months old. The doctors and physios were fantastic. Very literally got me walking and the disease was well managed but still my parents wanted more than just heavier drugs. 

This led down a path of Meditation, Healing and Hypnotherapy.

What I do

I have helped so many people to overcome life limiting challenges, seeing their progress is such a privilege.
I always wanted to find a career helping others it seemed a natural fit. So I went down the road into counselling initially and while working and waiting for another course to start I stumbled across hypnotherapy starting the next night and the rest, as they say, is history! I've been helping clients since 2008. 

I have also had a 14 year career, running alongside, in Estate Agency.Including Sales and Lettings Manager, Sales Trainer and Apprentice Trainer. So I certainly understand fast paced high pressure and long hours.
I learnt I actually performed better at work when I took time in my day to ensure my wellbeing, taking time for quick meditations and not taking life so seriously.

I bring this experience into my working practice to help others overcome their challenges cope with what life events have brought them and enable people to learn to enjoy life riding the natural ups and downs and living with themselves much more comfortably.
"The greatest gift you can ever give yourself is the knowledge that you can change your entire life by changing your thoughts.  Hypnotherapy is a safe and proven way to help you to change and become the person you know you are capable of becoming."
Hayley Leigh
I can offer you a free 30 minute consultation so please, get in touch today and together, we can begin to work on whatever is holding you back in life 
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People say the nicest things

"Wonderful relaxation/meditation session with Hayley! She really is great at what she does. Came away feeling rejuvenated with some good breathing techniques that I'm going to put into practice when I need a bit of calm. Thanks Hayley, you're a star
Janine Mills.
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