Care Homes partner up with Age Active LTD to provide activities for their residents. You can contact me directly on 07788712673 to discuss this further or have a look on the website  Age Active.

I provide the health and wellbeing service for Age Active LTD to help the residents with their psychological welfare.

In groups I offer Meditation and Hypnotherapy which is described as a relaxed state much like a daydream. I set up with crystals, candles and fragrance to stimulate the senses and provide a focus.

Those more cognitively aware will ask me questions, discuss what we are doing and participate fully in the breathing exercises, Meditation and Hypnotherapy. Those with less cognitive abilities will often settle down, breathe more deeply, look more peaceful and relax for the session. The staff and family members report that they are more peaceful during and after my sessions.

One resident is a teeth grinder. Teeth grinding is associated with stress and worries. When I start I can feel the grating teeth through his skull. As the session goes on he stops.

I have also have a lady who says she can feel the energy change, she loves the sessions and says how valuable they are. A gentleman who uses the breathing techniques to help him sleep and calm panic attacks. And many more stories like these.

Some care homes have me once a month, others once a week. Sessions are 45 minutes. Please contact me for prices and a list of other activities such as exercise, hand massage and reflexology. As well as Social activities such as singers and performers.

I also offer One-to-One sessions which the residents or their family can arrange directly with me or Age Active LTD.

These are 30 minute sessions in their room and can be for a range of issues such as insomnia, digestion, lowering blood pressure, anxiety, depression, coping with loss, pure relaxation, supporting their physical mobility with visualisations of strong muscles. All going hand in hand with the work the Physical Activities Age Active – , band work and work with weights as well as a focus on social interaction and stress relief.  Benefitting their confidence and  functional mobility.