Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Fear can freeze you in your tracks. You might shake with terror. You may blush, have hot or cold sweats or run away and avoid the situation. You may scream and shout for help.

HRM Hypnotherapy for PhobiasWhatever your response to fear Hypnotherapy can help you see things differently. What we imagine becomes our reality, Our brain perceives it as real. Clinical Hypnotherapy helps you imagine being calm in your worst moment of fear. You re writing your responses and this changes how you think, feel and behave.

You then become calmer and are able to cope much better.

The techniques you experience will put you back in control and enable you accomplish all those things you have been putting off, worrying about and avoiding.

Some fears and phobias people have come to me for help for are:

Dogs:          Spiders:          Needles:          Pregnancy:          Labour:          Exams:

Public Speaking:          Doctors:          Dentists:          Vomit:          Flying:          

And many more

If you are a parent especially consider the impact of your phobia on your family. Phobias are often learned responses or traumatic experiences stuck in time.

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