Hypnotherapy in Schools Programme  

HRM Hypnotherapy in Schools ProgramI see children in small groups or 121 appointments to help with any issue getting in the way of their enjoyment and progress in school.

The main reasons a school will get in touch will be:

Exam nerves, confidence, stress, anxiety, attention and concentration, coping with social anxieties or bullying, amongst others.

Please ask if the concern is not on the list.

The sessions are suitable for main stream schools and specialist schools. 

The sessions are an interactive process. They get to see themselves strong, healthy, calm and in control of their issues.

Then I add in psychological techniques to help to change thoughts, feelings and actions for beneficial changes.

The child is in control and they must be willing to participate.

If you are a parent or a school wishing to find out more, please click on the link Hypnotherapy in Schools

And call me to find out more.

  • “As a school we have found HISP to be an extremely valuable and effective intervention.” Sledmere Primary School, Dudley

  • 75% of pupils achieved or exceeded at least one of their targets.

    95% of pupils achieved at least 3/4 progress towards one or more of their targets.

    100% of pupils made some progress towards at least one of their targets.

    Data kindly provided by Coventry HISP, April 2016

    Sledmere Primary School, Dudley

  • “Hypnotherapy has proved extremely successful for some children with a variety of needs. 

    These have included: anger management, family breakdown, low self-esteem and poor concentration among others.  

    After the sessions, children seem calmer, happier and have much more self-confidence.  

    During hypnotherapy, children are given time to identify and discuss their needs and problems which they enjoy, and they are then given strategies to cope when they feel thing are getting out of control.  

    A supporting CD is created for each child to use at home or in school to back up and remind them of these strategies when the process has finished.” Sledmere Primary School, Dudley