Youth Mindfulness for Children aged 7 to 11 years old.


Trained by YouthMindfulness who are mentioned in the All Party Parliamentary Report. 





A comprehensive programme of 16 lessons delivered over an 8 week period in class rooms. Following a curriculum of events directing the children to the benefits of mindfulness. These lessons are engaging, informative, creative and practical giving a range of benefits including increase attention, awareness of the classroom as a community, improved impulse control, better concentration, increased relaxation, tips and tolls to handle stress and negative thoughts and emotions and much more. Its exciting, its fun and very interactive. 

Teachers are given techniques and told to continue the work started and create a mindful community at school.  


For parents and children to introduce you to the tools of mindfulness and equip parents and children to handle life’s stresses in a much more beneficial way. Mindfulness has been researched over 500 times and is fast becoming the go to solution for adults to regain control over anxiety, depression, negative thoughts and so on. Now Children can benefit from the wide ranging results including increased concentration, relaxation, regulated impulse control, emotional intelligence, kindness, appreciation towards self and others and much much more. 

Holiday Clubs in Manchester, Whitefield, Radcliffe, Prestwich

Mindful clubs for children during the school holidays. Ages 7 to 11 year olds can come along and learn through fun and engaging activities how to bring mindfulness into everyday life. These are aimed at children in main stream schools who would like to be in charge of their thoughts and emotions giving them the resilience to cope with day to day life. Children are increasingly pressurised to fit in, to have the latest gadgets, clothes and so on. They are rarely allowed to be bored and therefore become creative problem solvers with their thoughts and feelings.

Kids can become overwhelmed with stimulus, constant nagging thoughts and pressures of their minds and bodies as they grow up. 

The holiday clubs will take place at a venue in Whitefield, Radcliffe or Prestwich. Please get in touch to find out the next holiday club details and register your interest. 

Please get in touch to discuss further. “I am so passionate about this work I cannot wait to work with you” – Hayley Leigh