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We all have problems, get stressed out and loose ourselves sometimes. Events, traumas, bad luck of the past might be screaming to be released, giving you all types of emotional pain that you're trying to escape. If its time to face them and invite the 'wolf in for tea' as my mentor calls it then you've come to the right place. This is your journey. I am your coach and I help to guide you through. No promises of cures or miracles but the commitment to work to my very best ability to help you change your unconscious thinking to enable you to change and work towards your goals. I want to teach you how to celebrate your success, rebuild after unsuccessful attempts and learn, grow and develop your own tool box of techniques to use at home. You will be guided how to safely feel this emotional pain so the fear is released and you can heal. 

Most of my clients experience different outcomes in therapy. This is because my clients are human beings just like you and me and each journey towards our best selves has different twists and turns. I will guide you but not lead you. You are always in charge of your own progress. The brain change work we do in the sessions will be all based from your consultation and we will review your therapy goals to make sure progress is being made with the maximum effect possible in the shortest possible time. 

I tend to initially book 6 sessions over a maximum of 3 months. 
Session 1:  2 hours 
Session 2 -6: est 60 mins
These guidelines can of course be changed to suit your needs. 

Some things will just be book as you go 
others will be 3 sessions like Smoking/ Phobias. 
I always check that the session length and timeline suits your requirements before booking. That's one of the many things we can discuss in the Hypnotherapy discovery 20 minute free call. 
I have simplified my prices also. 
£150 for your first appointment and £75 thereafter. 

I don't offer discounts or package prices however I do work with some charities like Anxiety Uk, Shine and Chai so you can self refer to one of these where finances are a concern.
 Also check with your health insurance provider and HR at your company to see if they will cover :
Hypnotherapy, Relaxation, Meditation, Coaching, Mindfulness, Meditation or Breathwork for relaxation, chronic pain, long term absence from work, lowering blood pressure, trauma, anxiety, phobias , stop smoking, healthy eating habits and please ask me for something not covered on this list.
 I treat you not just the symptoms. 

People say the nicest things

"Hayley thank you so much for a fabulous session. You have worked your magic on me and I'm still feeling totally relaxed and ready to bring on life. Also I want to just say how much you helped my 6 year old boy who was struggling with emotions. You helped him turn his light switch on and he is one happy boy."
Jackie Friedman

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I can offer you a free, no obligation consultation so you can decide if I am the right person to help you.
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