Break Free from 
the endless cycle 
of worry

Hypnotherapy is a proven way to break free from 
the fear that is holding you back in life

The time has come...

To learn how to stop giving your worries and fears the power over your life. I have helped so many people to break free from the debilitating effects that anxiety can bring. Take the first step today and get in touch for a free consultation to see if together, we can make those all important changes in your life.
This powerful, deeply relaxing hypnotherapy session typically lasts for 1-2 hours.  You will experience deep changes in your thought patterns that will result in you feeling happier and more in control of your mind.  Many people tell me they feel more resilient and better able to handle life whenever any challenges appear following a hypnotherapy session.

Physical symptoms of anxiety

Anxiety may appear as one or a number of these commons symptoms


* Pounding heart (palpitations)
* Tremors and twitching
* Muscle tension
* Headaches and fatigue
* Insomnia
* Sweating, stomach upset, nausea
* Frequent urination or diarrhea
* Shortness of breath 
There may be other symptoms, this is simply the most common list.

"Make today the day you decide to stop allowing anxiety to control your life"
Don't suffer with anxiety - live beyond it"

Hayely Leigh

Let's Talk

I can offer you a thirty minute free consultation so that together, we can make sure we can work together to create your new life.  


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Your first session will last around an hour and is priced at just
If required, follow up sessions are priced at just

People say the nicest things

"Wonderful relaxation/meditation session with Hayley! She really is great at what she does. Came away feeling rejuvenated with some good breathing techniques that I'm going to put into practice when I need a bit of calm. Thanks Hayley, you're a star"
Lilly Milnes
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