Breathe Easy!

Cigarettes, Roll Ups, E-Cigs, Cannabis- all have negative effects on your body, mind and your bank balance! 
I can show you simple techniques to make today the day you quit for good.  It's simply not enough to know that cigarettes are so dangerous as this knowledge will never end those constant, endless cravings.
You already know how bad they are!
You already know how expensive & smelly it is
You already suspect even e-cigs might not be that great!

But learn how to integrate this knowledge emotionally to generate genuine motivate and movement in your mind to change. 

Some stop immediately - 1 session and done. 
Some gradually cut down naturally after their 1st session
Some people have deeper rooted attachments and need to have a series of appointments to resolve the issue once and for all.

Start by asking yourself not why to stop, but what is it that this habit is giving you. Then we can work from there. 

Decide today

A whole new way of living is waiting for you, all you need to do is to make the decision that today really is the day.

What happens next?

Once you have made contact with me, I will schedule a free, totally no obligation 30 minute consultation call so that you can decide if working with me and my techniques will be for you.  Ask me your questions and i'll run you through the basic plan to give you your health back. 
Today really can be the start of whole hew, healthier way of living.
Book your 30 minute consultation call
Schedule your appointment at my clinic
Enjoy a bespoke hypnosis designed to stop you smoking
Follow up phone 'Booster' call for help and support (if required)
You start to enjoy your new, healthier life!

"Good health is the basis of a long happy life.  Stopping smoking therefore is one of the greatest gifts you can ever give yourself"

Hayley Leigh

Let's talk

I can offer you a free, 30 minute consultation so that together, we can make sure we can work together to create your new life


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This unique and life-changing session will usually last around 2 hours and is priced at just -
This also included a free Booster session (if required) to make sure your staying strong and focused.

Book your free consultation today
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