Be Still

I invite you to experience a journey from sound to silence, from movement to stillness, and from being preoccupied to peace.

Discover a powerful yet gentle way to heal

Mindful Meditation will open up a new, peaceful way of living

What meditation is not

This for those who want to incorporate simple, powerful techniques into daily life. 

Learn how to take the power away from thought even when thoughts are there. 

Learn how to sit with feelings without responding in order to allow the body to fully express the emotion and therefore finish and release it. 

Experience a spa like feeling for the mind and notice just how much more physically relaxed you feel

Leave the emotional weights that you are dragging around at the door and allow yourself to feel lighter and brighter than you have in a long while!

Book a group of your friends together
Treat yourself
“It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles."

"Learning mindful meditation techniques could have a profound and positive lasting effect in every area of your life"

Hayley Leigh

Children's Classes

I have been helping children (and parents) to learn how to deal with their emotions through the gentle power of mindful meditation for years.  Using specific breathing techniques and guided imagery, these classes are suitable for individuals and groups from the ages of 5 - 16.  

I can arrange to run these at one of my locations or at a venue (school or community centre) that is more convenient for you.
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Adult Classes

Today, possibly more than ever people from all walks of life are becoming more aware of how mindful meditation can improve their lives.   Lives that are usually lived 'full on' every minute of every day.  Mindfulness is a very simple, dogma free way to reconnect to yourself and your emotions at any time.

Please enquire about my 1 on 1 classes and group sessions and start to enjoy your life using these simple techniques
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