What is Meditation?

My meditations are relaxed, gentle and natural.

I use a focused concentration on the breath for relaxation.  



When we switch off from our day to day thinking our cave man brain gets a rest and all the signals of stress and worry are calmed.

Mindfulness is a form of meditation and I blend it into the sessions.

Meditation is now well recognised as a technique to relieve stress. It can be preventative as well. Enjoy its benefits to the full.

Groups are a special way of sharing together.

If you are of a spiritual mind, the energy within us all is connected to a higher power, the source of all energy.

You can relate this to your own beliefs. 

If you are of a medical mind it’s your Central Nervous Systems balance, rest and repair that we are tapping into.1a Livsey Street, Whitefield, Manchester

 “Think of it as personal training for your soul.”